Introducing Radio Eplecor!

10:25 PM

New Podcast!

Featuring new music from Annie, Alphabeat, Ellie Goulding, Dragonette, Kent and more...

Streaming: Click here
Itunes/Ipod Download link: Click here

The downloadable file is an mp4 audio file (AAC encoded), which includes chapters (so you can skip through) and artwork is displayed for each artist as you listen! Because I'm that kind of guy.

I'm trying to find a good place that hosts podcasts and helps to get them on iTunes, if anyone has any tips send them my way...twitter: @eplecor.


Kent 'Töntarna'
Miike Snow 'Black & Blue'
Le Kid 'Mercy Mercy'
Basement Jaxx ft. Lightspeed Champion 'My Turn'
Dragonette 'Pick Up The Phone'
O Children 'Dead Disco Dancer'
Generationals 'When They Fight They Fight'
The Clientele 'I Wonder Who We Are'
Annie 'I Don't Like Your Band'
Alphabeat 'The Spell'
Asteroids Galaxy Tour 'The Golden Age'
Ellie Goulding 'Under the Sheets'
Black Box Recorder 'The Art of Driving'
Blur 'He Thought of Cars'
HiFis 'What's A Bulb?'



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